Juice pressing

We offer pressing juice from your apples

2023 juice pressing season is over. Follow the news on starting the juice pressing season in 2024 on our Facebook profile.

Juice pressing process

Bring your apples (min. 60 kg)

Apples are washed and cut

Juice pressing and filtering in special machines

Pasteurisation at +80°C, so that the juice doesn't spoil, at the same time, preserving its good qualities

Juice filling in 3 l or 5 l packaging (at your choice)

We will contact you about receiving your juice. Payment in cash and with a card.

Read the full juicing service terms and recommendations here.


Types and prices of packaging


Bag in Box

Bag in Box

  • 3 l packaging (intended for placing in a cardboard box) - 2,00 EUR
  • 5 l packaging (intended for placing in a cardboard box) - 2,70 EUR


Cardboard box for 3 l or 5 l packaging - 0,70 EUR


Bag in Box is a transparent juice bag with a tap, which is intended to be placed in a cardboard box for more convenient use. This packaging can be sorted after the use.


Stand up pack

  • 3 l stand up pack - 2,50 EUR
  • 5 l stand up pack - 3,50 EUR


The stand up pack is easy to use packaging that does not require an additional box. The packaging with apple print clearly shows the content of the pack. This packaging cannot be sorted after the use.



Apple juice pressing without pasteurising, filled in the client's containers.

  • Price per 1 l - 0,40 EUR


Important! Containers shall be made of metal or plastic and have a minimum capacity of 5 l.

All prices are indicated without VAT.

All types of packaging comply with EU requirements for plastic materials and products intended to come into contact with food.



How to find us?


Aneva J LLC

"Lielruckas", Kekavas parish, Kekava county, LV-2123


Coordinates (enter in the search engine) Google & Waze​​​​: ​​​​​

Aneva J, SIA, Ābolu sulas spiešana

GPS: 56.7928772, 24.2462


To arrange the time of your arrival and receive information on the process and receiving of ready juice.


+371 29991748

+371 29257967

+371 29807673

Working hours

Mon. – Sun. closed



Frequently asked questions about the juice pressing service


When the juice pressing season starts?

Every apple season is different and is started according to demand of clients. If information on the start of the season is not published yet, call, or send us a message. The most convenient way is to follow the news on our Facebook profile, where we provide timely information on starting the apple juice pressing season and the possibilities to receive our services.


Can I bring only apples?

We also offer pressing quince and pear juice. 


Is it possible to mix various berries and fruits together?

Pumpkin (cut into pieces of apple size), carrots (washed, peeled), beets (washed, peeled) and any type of berries (except grapes) can be added to apples. The proportion of fruits or berries added must not exceed 10% of the weight of apples. The fruits to be added must be separated from apples.


What is the shelf life of the pressed juice?

We recommend consuming the juice within 6-8 months (when it preserves the best flavour and aroma qualities). The storage period depends on the degree of ripeness of apples and how careful the packaging is treated during its transportation and storage.


How long is the juice pressing process?

It depends on how many clients have brought their apples before you. At the peak of the season, we try to ensure that juice pressing is completed within 3 days’ time.


Will my apples be mixed together with apples brought by other people?

Apples of each client are pressed individually. 


Do you add something to juices?

No, nothing is added.


Is it possible to bring less than 60 kg of apples?

If the amount of apples is less than 60 kg, an additional processing fee of 5 EUR is charged.


Are there any special requirements to be observed during transportation of the juice?

When coming to receive your juice, it is advisable to free the car trunk, so that there are no sharp objects or edges, on which bags of apple juice can be punctured. Taps of juice bags have sharp bends; therefore, to prevent puncturing of bags, it is advisable to place them with taps up. Juice bags should not be carried by holding them on the tap.


How can I be sure about the service quality?

SIA “Aneva J” guarantees production of juice in compliance with requirements of FVS (Food and Veterinary Service), but does not guarantee the shelf life of juice, because it depends on the quality of brought apples, as well as compliance with recommendations for transportation and storage of juice bags.


Are there any recommendations for storage of juice?

To preserve juice for as long as possible, it is recommended:

  • To bring for pressing whole, undamaged, and not overripe apples. 
  • Not to lift the juice bag on the tap. 
  • Keep juice bags away from exposure to direct sunlight. 
  • Store juice bags in the temperature from +1 to +18 °C. 
  • Ensure that no air enters the juice bag during juice consumption (the tap of the juice bag must face down during juice consumption). 
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on juice bags. 
  • Store juice bags at a place protected from rodents. 
  • Juice pressed from overripe, mealy apples will have more sediment. We recommend to consume such juice as soon as possible. 


Can you issue an invoice for the provided service?

Yes. When handing over your apples, please provide the details for drafting an invoice.