SIA “Aneva J” (brand ANEVA) is a family company established in 2008.


We started showing interest in the juice pressing process because we wished to create an opportunity to consume pure and natural juices. Our passion became a business, offering production of juice from qualitative fruits and berries. We also offer a possibility to produce pure and natural juice from fruits and berries provided by clients. Juice is filled only in certified packaging specifically intended for food products.


The production process of the company is implemented in accordance with HACCP – food company self-control system for circulation of safe and healthy food products, which includes monitoring and analysis of every stage of food circulation, identifies stages of food circulation that are critical (dangerous) for food safety, and introduces efficient control and monitoring procedures during these stages.


The abbreviation HACCP means Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Points. 


SIA “Aneva J” is registered with the Food and Veterinary Service, which carries out regular inspections at the company.


We perform regular testing of products at an accredited laboratory to verify the quality of our products.